Actress from San Antonio, receives title Ms. Megaverse USA Texas 2018.

Porscha Davis
Porscha Davis

Celebrity Pageant Interview

We asked Porscha Davis,  how does it feel to be crowned Ms. Megaverse Texas 2018?

It’s an overwhelming honor to represent the USA and my state Texas in the world finals of Ms. Megaverse.

Ms. Megaverse isn’t your traditional pageant; can you tell us more about it?

Yes, Ms. Megaverse isn’t your traditional pageant. It showcases the internal capabilities of the contestants and also features a reality show along with the competition to show what goes on behind the beauty pageant scene.

A reality show based on Beauty Queens! How exciting, are you nervous to compete against other talented women from around the world?

Not at all; even though this is my first reality show, this isn’t my first time competing.

What do you feel sets you aside from the other contestants?

I think what will set me apart from other contestants is my drive, I will not stop until I win Ms. Megaverse International 2018.

Speaking of Crowns, what are your plans if you win the competition?

After I win, I plan on pursuing my modeling and acting career. I will also use the platform I have as Ms. Megaverse to bring positive energy and service to those whom are in need within my community.

As we rapped up this interview with Ms. Megaverse Texas 2018, we wish her the best of luck in her upcoming competition at the world finals of Ms. Megaverse 2018 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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